Bobbie & Cooper Engagement Session

It has been about a month since I last blogged.  Lots has happened since then.  A new move.  2 wedding shoots and another special wedding tomorrow.  

With that said, I would like to introduce to you Bobbie and Cooper!  Fun loving, kind and overall an absolute pleasure to know and capture!  Most importantly though they are dedicated parents to their baby girl Lily.  

Mark and I have the pleasure of capturing their special moment at the Permanent tomorrow. We shot at the Permanent last year for Doug & Maries wedding ... I can see why couples keep booking this venue, it is gorgeous!  

I wanted to show case a few images from B&C engagement we shot a couple of months back. We met up at English bay and walked down the beach while taking pictures.  They both did so well and really had fun with it.  Since they are very busy parents it was kind of a date night for them, a very well deserved date night.  

Tomorrow will be even more special because not only do they get to marry each other but they get experience the day with Lily.  And I can't wait to capture all of those intimate moments and important memories!


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